If your firestick seems slower than it used to or maybe buffering more and you have rebooted your modem, router and firestick, there is something else that may help.

NOTE: While this article is referencing firesticks – the same applies to any device, whether firestick, android tv, phone or table.t

First uninstall any apps you find that you aren’t using. Next run Clean Master – its on most of your devices. If not it is available in the jailbreak app. Run this after you have removed unused apps. This will clean up garbage left over and old cache files. Run clean master every so often even if you haven’t removed any programs. This will help keep your device running smoothly.

Once installed its simple to use. Just load it and one click and you’re all cleaned up. You’ll find the app in your Jailbreak DIY App. — Note: This currently does not work on the Pendants or 4k Firesticks.

FireTV Buffering Fix List

Fire TV Buffering Issue Proximity Fix (aka RF Interference Fix)

Move your FireTV at least 6 feet away from your TV. Some TVs can cause RF interference which would interfere with the WiFi signal, causing your FireStick to buffer unnecessarily.

We cant stress enough the importance of using only 5.4 ghz wireless internet, specially for live tv streaming. Its not just about how fast your connection is. Latency in micro-interruptions will cause havoc with your TV stream. This means freezing and buffering and slow to start streams.

While 2.4 ghz is technically capable of passing enough bandwidth. It is a very old technology compared to 5.4 ghz wireless. It simply wasn’t designed to provide a 100% solid bandwidth stream.

High latency and micro-interruptions wont affect your normal internet usage. You wont see any issues with web browsing, facebook, email, etc since these do not require perfectly solid streams. Even watching a movie from an app such as Terrarium doesnt need perfectly solid bandwidth due to the way it buffers the stream. Live TV on the other hand, everything must be perfect. Only 5.4 GHZ wireless can provide a near perfect stream – but it is prone to problems as well. Poor signal from being too far from your router, interference from other devices, your neighbors and even your own TV are possible. These can occur even when the device says the signal strength is Very good. Whats important is the signal quality.

Install Analiti

Analiti is a free app that gives you complete information on your signal strength. It will show not on the strength, but the quality and interference. It will even show you what is interfering with your connection so that you may change channels and/or make other changes. It will also give you a comprehensive speed and latency test.

Wired connections are more reliable

Did you know that you can hook the firestick directly to your router with an Ethernet wire? It required an inexpensive adapter, but it takes a big weak link out of the streaming equation.

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There are also various settings in your wireless router settings that can improve or ruin your streaming experience. Some are the bandwidth the wireless channel is set for. Modern routers let you set the 2.4 ghz to either 20 or 40 mhz bandwidth. You obviously want the higher setting. 5.4 ghz can be set to 40 ort 80 mhz – again – higher the better. There are other settings as well that can be changed to improve your wireless connection for solid streaming.

So get to know your router. Move it as close to your device as possible. Consider wiring it directly. Using an hdmi extension cable to move the stick further away from the back of the TV which could be blocking some signal as well as causing interference. These devices are not magic black boxes, sometimes they need a little extra work to get them to work reliably.

One common cause of buffering (other than overloaded servers) occurs when the device you’re using doesn’t have enough power to process the stream and download the data at the same time. This can occur when using relatively low-powered devices like the FireStick.

Fire TV Buffering Issue Power Supply Fix (aka Phone Power Fix)

Fix firestick buffering with this Samsung power supply

Fix firestick buffering with this Samsung power supply

Use a smartphone power supply (a 2Amp power supply) instead of the one that came with your FireStick. The 2 Amp Samsung Micro USB Power Supply (for Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S2 4G, Note 1, Note 2) users report much better performance from these power supplies.

Note: Do not use a Quick-Charge cable (for Galaxy S7, for example). A Quick Charge cable (with more than 2 Amps) may damage your Fire Stick.

Your ISP May Be Throttling Your Connection Your Internet provider could be throttling your bandwidth. Using a VPN blocks your ISP from throttling your data! On the other hand a bad VPN can also cause buffering problems. Free and cheapo vpn’s are not a good idea.

Explanation: 97% of Internet providers admit to spying on their subscribers’ firestick streaming data in order to throttle their customers’ Internet connection speeds. Yes, your Internet Service Provider will actually spy on you and your streaming activity to see what you’re streaming. If they see something that they don’t like (something mistaken for copyrighted content, for example), they will throttle your Internet connection. This means that they will limit your Internet speed to less than what you actually pay for, causing unnecessary Kodi buffering. So use a VPN to make your streaming activity private to keep your ISP from throttling your bandwidth!

How to fix this:
Use a secure service such as Blokada or IPVanish to hide your streaming activity from your ISP. This way you can stream anonymously and access the unrestricted Internet wherever your device may happen to be 😉

Blokada comes preinstalled on most installations but is also available in the Jailbreak DIY app.

If your Internet connection is provided by one of the following companies, your connection is most likely being throttled:

Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, AT&T, CenturyLink, and Verizon

Spectrum states they do not throttle – but they probably do.

Fire TV Buffering Issue File Sharing System Fix (aka NFS/SMB Fix)

Are you playing your video from a local network location? If you’re getting FireStick buffering problems when playing your video from a local network location, try NFS file sharing instead of SMB (“Windows”) file sharing.

Fire TV Buffering Issue WiFi Analyzer

If you have a little bit of networking/PC know-how, use a software WiFi analyzer to see the channels of your router which are showing the least congestion. Then set your router to use those interference-free channels.

Fire TV Buffering Issue Zero Cache Fix for Kodi

WARNING: This buffering fix may cause your FireStick to stop playback when the local disk space gets full.

In the Kodi dashboard, go to Maintenance Tools, then install the Zero Cache Fix.

You can optimize Kodi with the TVAddons Maintenance Tool. You can try to fix Kodi buffering by optimizing your FireStick with TVAddons’ optimization guide.

Try a Lower Quality Stream

Your Internet connection may not be able to handle the size of the movie file, so consider trying a 720P (aka “SD”) stream if you’re unsure. If you think your hardware is creating a bottleneck which is causing your Fire TV buffering issue, you could try an ethernet adapter for wired internet.

Fire TV Buffering Due to Overheating

Since the FireTv is simply a small computer with relatively lots of power, it will get hot. Try putting a small fan next to it so it cools down. Cooler electronics work better than hotter electronics.

Re-Install Kodi and/or the kodi build

Is Kodi giving you relentless buffering issues? Reinstall Kodi or the kodi build and it just might fix that pesky buffering. You will find both in the Jailbreak DIY app.

Fire TV Buffering Fix for Other Apps

If you’re getting buffering issues and you’re using another app and you also use Kodi, your Kodi may be using up too much memory. You must close out Kodi by going to the bottom of the Kodi screen to hit the power button, then press Exit. This will close out Kodi so Netflix buffering won’t occur, since Netflix will then have more memory with which to work.

Fire TV Buffering Issue Disk Space Fix

Go to your FireStick Home screen
Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications
Look at the Internal Space at the bottom left corner. If it’s at 1GB or less, you need to clear some space, so..

Select an app that’s using a good amount of space (at least 200MB) and then select Uninstall. (NEVER REMOVE JAILBREAK

After you have plenty of space cleared, your Kodi Fire TV buffering issue should be fixed. If not, try the suggestions below.

Test Your Network Connection Using SpeedTest.net

SpeedTest.net is another great connection test. You will find this in the APK section in our build of Kodi.

Kodi Fire TV Buffering Issue – Additional Things to Try

Power cyle, reset, and update your router.
Test your Internet connection using services like SpeedTest. A good Internet connection has low latency, such as 10ms. For HD content you typically need at least 5megabit download stream.

Fire TV Buffering Problems

Users experience Fire TV buffering problems typically when the network stream they’re playing isn’t fast enough to play the video stream. One common cause of this is too many users being connected to the network stream. Since Genesis and other Fire TV / Kodi addons are free, this causes them to be susceptible to overloading (since there’s no barrier to entry).

You can get around this by using our external standalone apps included with your package. You should experience much fewer Fire TV buffering problems – and if not, try the Fire TV buffering fixes listed above!See in Unit 1:Troubleshooting